Building of townhouses in Moscow



- Project objectives

- Income

- House at cost price

- Start project

- Purchase of tokens

- Financial transparency

- Token Liquidity Protection

- Financial security of tokens

- Description of houses

- Company development plans


Project objectives

- Income to shareholders

- The speed of construction

- Buying houses at cost for tokens

- Different options for purchasing tokens

- Transparency of financial activities

- Ensuring the liquidity of the company's shares

- Protecting stocks from falls on the market

- Own house in Moscow

- Capital houses with all amenities turnkey

- Low utility bills

- The minimum cost of maintaining a house

- European bio-architecture in the minimalist style

- International project team

- Insurance of shareholders' deposits

- Construction of multi-storey residential buildings and complexes

- Construction around the world

- Online management of the company by shareholders through a blockchain


The income from one construction (one capital turnover) is 35%. For the year, the income is 35-82% from the construction of 1-2 facilities.

The profitability of the company is increased by reducing the construction time to accelerate capital turnover.

The high speed of construction is achieved due to the in-depth study of projects, the qualification of builders and the use of modern technologies and materials.

The company strives to reduce the construction time of its houses in order to increase capital turnover and shareholder income.

Free funds not involved in turnover are allocated for dividends to shareholders and the repurchase of tokens from shareholders to maintain liquidity.

House at cost price

Shareholders can buy real estate built by the company for tokens at cost.

The savings from one construction (one capital turnover) is 26%. Over the year, savings amount to 26-45% from the construction of 1-2 facilities.

The savings from one construction (one capital turnover) is 26%. When the company builds 1-2 facilities per year, the savings amount to 26-45% per annum.

Shareholders can also book the houses they like at an early stage.

Start project


To start the project, $130,000 is needed

 Land plot

Building materials

Building works

Administrative expenses










Purchase of tokens

Tokens can be purchased for cryptocurrency or by barter: for land, building materials, rental of construction equipment, services required by the company, or in the form of wages.

A mixed payment is possible: in cash and tokens.

Financial transparency

Funds are withdrawn from the smart contract only for specific purposes: purchase of land, purchase of construction materials, payment to workers for work performed, payment to designers, engineers, etc.

The company's page displays a full financial report on the funds spent, and supporting financial documents, with certificates, passports, and other documents confirming their authenticity, quality and characteristics. For each project under construction.

Initially, before the start of each new project, its estimated characteristics are published: costs, deadlines, revenue, income, etc.

Photos of the construction progress are published.

The funds received from the sale of each house built by the company are transferred to the balance of the smart contract.



Token Liquidity Protection

To allow shareholders to freely withdraw their funds from the project, the company's tokens are traded on exchanges, ensuring their liquidity.

Additionally, the company constantly repurchases its tokens at a price equivalent to the actual capitalization of the company in order to prevent their price from falling below it.

The indexation of the token repurchase price from shareholders is carried out from the sale of each newly built facility, increasing their market value on exchanges.


Financial security of tokens

The tokens are secured by the assets of the company, and the shareholders are its rightful owners.

Initially, the tokens are provided with funds transferred by the shareholders for their purchase. Since tokens are not distributed to anyone for free, the amount credited to the balance from their sale is equal to the total value of all tokens in the hands of shareholders.

After the purchase of a land plot for construction, the company's tokens are provided with the value of this plot and the remaining funds on the balance sheet.

After ordering a project and purchasing construction materials, tokens are provided with the cost of: land, project documentation, purchased materials and remaining funds on the balance sheet.

During construction, tokens are provided with the value of the unfinished construction object, project documentation, construction materials at the facility and the remaining funds on the balance sheet.

After the construction and sale of the house, the funds from this transaction are credited to the balance. With the income received, each token is already provided with a larger amount than it was previously provided.



Description of houses

Construction sites are selected no further than 10 km from the MKAD, with good transport accessibility and entrances.





The houses are made of capital, monolithic, insulated and durable. With wear-resistant elements, protected from external influences, freezing and corrosion. Without additional maintenance and repair costs.

The thermal insulation of houses meets modern standards, for comfort in cold and heat, and low heating and air conditioning costs.

The architecture of the houses is made in a modern European minimalist style, which will always be relevant.

The roof is flat, operated, for landscaping, terrace and equipment placement.

With finishing and turnkey engineering networks.

The territory of the house is enclosed by a fence with gates, entrances and Parking spaces.




To save useful space, landscaping is carried out in the style of bio-architecture.


The houses are equipped with modern economical engineering systems that ensure low utility bills.










Company development plans

- Insurance of shareholders' deposits

- Building a decentralized, transparent company, fully managed by shareholders through online voting through a blockchain

- Construction of multi-storey apartment buildings and residential complexes

- Creation of a multinational company operating all over the world. The territory of the city of Moscow is only a launching pad for this project



Project Manager


Two higher educations: construction and economics. Plus, a lot of additional courses.

A large number of designed and built facilities, including well-known ones:

- Federation Tower on Moscow City;

- METRO C&C shopping malls throughout Russia;

- ZILART residential complex, Moscow;

- Residential complex "Event", Moscow;

- Residential complex "WEST GARDEN", Moscow